Cooper Construction Management:
No confusion of terms, no ambiguity of intent.

All parties benefit from beginning-to-end efficiency, cost-effectiveness,
control, and the budget-conscious vigilance of a single dedicated team.

The Advantages of close collaboration and a common goal
All contributing parties function as a unified team with a single shared objective. On-going collaboration and communication between owner, architect, engineers and the manager ensures that the focus never strays from cost-effective completion—on time, on budget.

The advantages of selected providers
Choosing the Construction Management method enables owner and architect to ensure that the trade sub-contractors have the experience and capability to meet all required standards of workmanship and all demands of schedules.

The advantages of an ever-present watchdog
Actual costs are monitored closely to ensure full value for your Money: i.e. you pay only for what you get.

Value engineering: The advantages of knowing your options
Cooper’s expertise and experience in pricing alternative construction methods or products equips you and your architect with the most cost-effective options for your design. Value Engineering

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