Guaranteed Maximum Pricing

Over 100 years of experience, and a wealth of resident expertise,
enable us to offer the Guaranteed Maximum Pricing option
at an early point in the design stage.

A win-win option for our owner clients
Guaranteed Maximum Pricing is a vehicle for minimizing risk, avoiding claims, and closely integrating the diverse sectors of complex modern construction.

The Guaranteed Maximum Pricing method is assembled in the same manner as a lump sum contract. Cooper assumes the same risk, but with the stipulation of sharing cost-savings with our client—against the owner's guarantee of fee and prompt payment of net cost.

It is a fallacy that a GMP contract costs .
The owner's objectives are best served because Cooper and client work as partners, with the owner reimbursing actual audited costs as they occur, rather than spending against a schedule of values.

With Cooper’s stringent control structure, and the owner working as a team member, Guaranteed Maximum Pricing can deliver greater bottom-line yields than any other contracting method.

Zero front-end loading = Enhanced cash flow
Implementing this method reduces initial cash-flow requirements prior to project commencement by amortizing front-end design costs.

Cost over-runs eliminated
Guaranteed Maximum Pricing removes the risk of cost over-runs common to other construction methods. This supports successful procurement of project financing.

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