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CPM Facilities Management provides flexible, comprehensive single-source commercial and industrial property management services.

CPM is a Cooper Construction ancillary company, formed in 2006. The company provides professional property management services for clients with commercial and industrial properties in southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

Our fully customizable approach allows us to utilize synergies of property management with financial services, leasing, building maintenance and construction. This practice contributes to successful tenant retention in our buildings and to repeat business in construction, leasing and development.

Flexible programs tailored to fit. CPM property management programs are custom-designed in consultation with our clients to ensure the highest achievable efficiencies.

For our large pension fund clients, the solution is often a full service ‘turn key’ property management program.

For our smaller building owner clients, where a full-service program is not always desired or necessary, our more focused and concise ‘Custodial’ operation may be the better fit.

CPM’s objective is to develop as a recognized leader in the property management industry.

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