Value engineering is a hallmark
of every Cooper project

Value engineering targets pan-project value creation

Value engineering as a value-creation process has greatest impact in a Design/Build construction scenario. Value engineering and Design/Build are inseparably aligned and integrated processes, enabling our client-owners to influence their facility’s ultimate value directly—working with one flexible, totally integrated team.

In other construction methods, separate providers tend to make isolated determinations of value that are often irrelevant to the owner, manager and end-users of the facility.

Working separately, the architects, engineers, procurement specialists and project managers lack control over finished-build outcomes. Coordination of value-creating ideas is difficult and often not timely. A project manager may find a value-creation opportunity and pass it to an architect… but, if working drawings are already completed, the time lost to implement a suggestion may erase the value it could create.

Value engineering’s potential is greatest when the process begins in pre-design. We involve our owner-client directly from the start, and seek input to the integrated project team. Then the team goes to work, continually hypothesizing, testing and implementing multiple facets of value delivery.

Collaboration is close across functional lines because each idea will influence the work of other team members. A solution-driven mentality and a climate of immediate feedback are the norm on Cooper projects.

We consider every potential value sector—costs, aesthetics, delivery, future maintenance, energy and utilities, space utilization, provisions for site expansion or adaptation, ownership options, real estate exit strategies. In short, we work with our owner-clients to create an end-to-end customized response to their specific value needs.

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